Check Out The Rapping Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 86 from Cambridge, Mass. has created a cool video in order to help sell their homemade fudge.

Check out the video below to see the guys rapping and singing about Scouting and life in Cambridge.

The Troop says that the video and publicity has really helped them to sell more. The video isn’t Troop 86’s first video effort.  Click here to see a few more of their videos.

What do you think? Could your troop pull together a video like this?

By the way. In case you can’t follow along with some of the lyrics, the troop has provided them below:

You know we be serious
we aint gonna be delirious
at all today wont you take a breather while we entertain?

Well take a little of your time, while we rap our rhyme
it aint impossible to give a little aint a crime
We know your busy, job in the city, making you dizzy, havin a tizzy

But you’ll forget about all that when you hear the plan we are going to
Span so you’ll be sittin pretty

Look out he’s walking on through he’s a real Boy Scout but waz he gonna do?
Has he got a pot, has he got a pan, has he got a stove, has he got a spoon?

Hes a cooking somethin’ up, and the smell is divine
better get behind I was first inline.

Ah uh! Now don’t be funny,
we sell it all to make some money!

The chicki chicki chocolate is all the rave,
And if you buy a box of it it’ll make your day

Hold up now I gotta shout, who’s gonna buy that from a scout?
After all there’s a shopping mall and a dinning hall when your going out?

Well did you know that a boy scouts gotta pay for a whole big number of activitays
No I’m not talkin about video games, or texting the phone, or ballin in the citay.

He’s gotta live in the outdoors like a man, and
then he helps out the needy whenever he can

Hes got an inclination to be prepared,
and a dedication to comb his hair

He is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave,
clean, and reverent.  The chicki chicki chocolate is all the rave

And if you buy a box of it it’ll make your day
So now here it comes down lets get to business before Christmas or

whatever holiday you celebrate you know youll need some sweets
and it’s a deal that you cant beat until you try to compete

but find you cant because the taste of home made is like a parade besides your helping out the youth in your community!

The chicki chicki chocolate is all the rave
And if you buy a box of it it’ll make your day

Did I here you say drip, drop? The chocolate stops when I get out the mop and you know its going on till the parties all gone and you
Aint gotta bark you can have milk chocolate or you have dark
You can come pick it or we’ll ship it your way we’ll be selling it online and we’ll sell it at the T.
And when you buy a box it will knock your socks and you’ll know our chocolate really rocks

Now you can say your chocolate is home made and you can keep all of the a
ccolade and we will be happy with the money, when we finally get into the countray.

Where we will never go hungry, cause we worked hard for our money
And we can be happy and funny, if the weather is rainy or sunny…

The chicki chicki chocolate is all the rave
And if you buy a box of it it’ll make your day


    • Yo Fellas this is wonderful but you need to make one with All Of Your Shirts Tucked In, plain and simple.

      That’s just Who We Are, if You are going to Rap about the BSA, you need to look like the Best Of the BSA.

      Jared “Ak-Laa” Luer
      Eagle Scout
      Littleton, CO

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