Will “Tron Uprising” return next season?

Reader Caleb asks, “Are they making more episodes and a new season of Tron Uprising?”

Thanks for the question Caleb.

Unfortunately for all of you Tron fans, it looks like the final episode of the series aired Jan. 27, 2013. Disney hasn’t officially made a decision, but based on declining ratings it’s a good bet that the show will not be returning. It’s a shame, it was a clever and entertaining show.

Here’s a peek at the show, if you’ve never seen it.


  1. boys life, i just wanted to know how was it so clever?? I mean i loved the show but it did not seem so clever.

    • Hey Zoomer210,
      We meant clever in the sense that it used science-fiction in a fun and unique way. Where most shows with sci-fi backgrounds use fantasy and magic to create their worlds, Tron Uprising used interesting stories, relationships and characters. It certainly wasn’t an educational show, but in terms of clever writing and surprising stories it often delivered.

      • Tron Did Teach me One thing. Soon… We will be Riding those Bikes xD… And that when a Full VR World is finally Made… The only 2 games ill buy are SAO and Tron. Hopefully i get stuck in one of them.

  2. It is an amazing show with heroes and heroines, so both genders enjoyed the show. Science fiction at its finest. It has a light train that can rotate and move upside down while in operation! The show has amazing visuals, and the cgi to support it. Each voice actor was superb, not a jar jar binks among them. My point, everything fit and worked extremely well together. Just like the story, the show is ahead of its time. I hope the show comes back for another season, and gets a second wind and more viewership.

  3. Good show.. great to have something between the movies. Good to promote the movies as well. Disney is being short sighted if they outright cancel it… it just fits in with the Tron universe and will HELP, not hinder their sequel’s success. Putting the show on in a better time slot would have greatly improved the viewership as well. However, I don’t believe it should entirely be about the number of viewers – after all, it was on at midnight Monday… who’s up at that time when they gotta get back to work?

  4. I love TRON: Uprising, if it ended I’d be sad for the rest of my life. The only reason the show hasn’t gotten any recent ratings is because Disney didn’t tell anyone that they gave it a new time slot at midnight every Monday morning, I actually missed about five episodes in the second season before I found out. So, if any Disney officials read this, if you just get it back to it’s old time slot, everyone would watch it. I give TRON: Uprising 100+ out of 10 stars. Please don’t cancel it.

  5. I don’t want Tron Uprising to end! It’s an awesome show, but It’s cancelled mostly. I wish it was back on TV with a second season and more to come.

  6. Disney is way to blind to see that they always take away the great shows.They don’t care,they are giving us shows that shouldn’t even be on air.How many hearts have they broken already? Name one good show on Disney that you absolutely love.I mean we still can’t call it a done deal,Tron lives

  7. Please keep this one going. What a great adventure! I just watch the entire first season in 2 days with my 2 boys. They loved it! I really believe it didn’t get enough visibility and there are a lot of fans that weren’t even aware this was available. TRON will always have a following…just give it a chance. Thanks for a great series to start! … now lets get on with the rest of the story!


  9. Please make more!!! This show is awesome, great story, well produced, good voice acting and such a perfect plot!! I feel that the underlying story really speaks out against the state and makes for a really good parallel to current political issues in America today! I love the show but maybe should be more of an older kids or young adults show, the story line at times may be a bit too complex for most kids to be able to really enjoy… please bring the show back for a second season, maybe just do a Netflix deal, common Disney, you have money to put up for the lone ranger you could at least help beck continue the uprising!!!

  10. pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse MICK A NEW SEASON OF TRON

  11. I LOVE this show. watched the first season like 4 times now…. its seriously a disgrace that disney would even consider cancelling this

  12. i loved tron it was so cool i may have not been as sad if they even added more episodes to show clu his army and what would happen next

  13. Hmmm,this is my fifth time watching the show,i never get bored,I feel if the show is coming back it’s gonna take a long time, I wouldn’t want it to take a long time,bcz I really wanna see how the revolution starts and ends,and see tron get back on top,and see how clu dies.but my one question is:how long it’ll to bring season two out,or the rest of this season?

  14. I know this is a little late, but I still don’t understand. They took of the series because it had bad ratings but when I did some “research” their average ratings were 9/10, so that confuses me. Maybe Disney is just too broke to afford the good actors and crew that made the tron legacy a reality.

  15. what happened to Disney tron uprising was a series it make me more entertained than any other series but I want season 2 of tron uprising but Disney doesn’t take a step of that I will sure this series is a marvelous series in Disney ever I seen ….

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