That’s one big fish

A Louisiana medical student landed a state-record grouper weighing 359.1 pounds on Saturday night.

The fish, caught by J.J. Tabor of Thibodaux, is 12 ounces heavier than the previous state record. The world record fish weighed 436 pounds, 12 ounces and was caught off the coast of Florida in 1985.

On a fishing trip with friends, Tabor landed the grouper near on oil rig south of the Louisiana coast in 400 feet of water. Tabor refused to disclose a more exact location, calling it his secret spot.

After cleaning the fish Monday afternoon, Tabor cut it into fillets weighing 53 pounds apiece.

Click here to see pictures of Taborโ€™s big catch.


  1. what a waste of our environment and to congratulate someone for that! they should throw them in the river and hook them! >:-(

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