Saving the Day

When Ham Lake (Minn.) Boy Scouts found a chance to help, they didn’t hesitate for a moment.

Scouts from Troop 506 were honored this week for helping to prevent a forest fire in August. During a houseboat trip through Voyageurs National Park, which is along Minnesota’s border with Canada, the group noticed a burning tree whose flames were spreading to the surrounding ground. After getting permission from their Scoutmaster, the group of about 10 began hauling water from a nearby lake using trash bins to douse the fire.

Park Rangers soon showed up and finished the job, but they were impressed by the Scouts’ initiative. At their Monday night meeting, the service-minded Scouts received certificates of thanks and collector coins from the National Park Service. Ham Lake Mayor Paul Meunier was on hand to make the presentation.

Click here to read the Scouts’ thoughts on their firefighting adventure.


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