Best Lifesaving Invention of All-Time?

In the Nov. issue of Boys’ Life we previewed a fantastic new invention called the Bounce Imaging Explorer. Here’s the gist:

A new device will make the search-and-rescue process much safer for first responders around the world. The Bounce Imaging Explorer is a baseball-sized probe that can be thrown into potentially dangerous areas, allowing rescuers to monitor and assess from a safe distance.

The shock-absorbent ball is embedded with six cameras and near-infrared LEDs and can be synced with a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Once it’s tossed, it immediately begins taking photos and testing the air for hazardous contaminants. Photos and data are transmitted back to first responders over Wi-Fi.

The Bounce Imaging Explorer isn’t available yet, but it’s currently being field-tested by several police units.

Watch how it works in the video below:



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