Scouting returning to Iraq

At one time, Iraq had a thriving Scouting program. But under Saddam Hussein, many of the camps were used for military training, and Iraq was ejected from the World Organisation of the Scout Movement in 1999.

 Now, Scouting is starting to return to the war-torn country. According to an article in the British newspaper, The Times, around 150,000 young people have joined Scout clubs, and Iraq hopes to rejoin the movement next year. Ten Iraqi Scouts are expected to attend the World Jamboree in England next month.

Click here to read more about Iraqi Scouts and their efforts to build a camp in the Baghdad Green Zone in this interesting newspaper article.


  1. I think its great that boys in a war torn nation after being in so much pain. thank the scouts there for helping there nation. Congrates, Iraqi scouts cant wait til you are apart ofscouts next year!!!!!!!!!!

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