Light Bulb Glows Without Wires

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have come up with a way to make a 60-watt bulb glow without any wires connected to it.

It works by sending energy wirelessly from a device across the room. At some point the the recharging device and the gadget that needs the power will be on the same frequency-similar to how a radio works when it picks up only one station at a time.

The scientists have named their finding WiTricity.


  1. I am trying to do it with a light bulb and a battery but I don’t know how to do it so I’m trying to look it up. Please help!

  2. It’s old tech and not only that , we are being robbed on a daily basis !!! This could have been done years ago!!!! Just imagine how much money the oil and light industry would loose if your house was lit by the FREE RAIDO WAVES we already have !

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