Crayola Says Goodbye To One Of Its Classic Crayons

Today’s a sad day for crayon enthusiasts everywhere. Crayola has officially retired one of the colors from its classic 24-pack. To celebrate National Crayon Day (March 31), Crayola announced the news over a series of cryptic posts throughout the week.

Today, we found out which color was booted from the box.

That’s right … it’s Dandelion. More than anything, the news is just a funny way for the company to promote National Crayon Day, and Crayola even made a funny retirement video for the gold-colored crayon. Take a look.

The news also got me wondering, which color could you live without? For me, it’s white. What can you even do with a white crayon?


  1. I agree with above comment…. Why not get rid of the most useless one, the white crayon.

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