All About the National Football League


NFL season is almost here. Get back into the football spirit with these NFL fun facts.

• 1920: The year the National Football League was formed.

• 32: The number of NFL teams.

• 53: The number of players each team is allowed to have during the regular season.

• 2,105: The NFL record for number of yards rushed in a single season. Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson accomplished the feat in 1984.

• 1,964: Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson set the NFL record for single-season receiving yards in 2012.

• 55: Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning set the NFL record for touchdowns thrown in a single-season in 2013.

• 105,121: The largest regular-season crowd in NFL history gathered to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants in Arlington, Texas, in 2009.

• 0-0: The Detroit Lions and New York Giants played the last scoreless game in NFL history in 1943.

• 109 yards: The length of the longest play in NFL history. It has happened twice.

• $5,000: The minimum NFL salary in 1957.

• $420,000: The minimum NFL salary in 2014.


Evolution of the NFL Helmet

1920s: The first NFL helmet is made of soft leather, designed to protect the head and prevent abrasions.

1930s: The NFL upgrades to a hard leather helmet with a system of fabric straps.

1940s: For the first time, the NFL mandates that every player wear a helmet. Graphics and chinstraps are also added.

1950s: The NFL transitions to a plastic helmet with interior safety padding. A single bar facemask is also added to help prevent facial injuries.

1960s: A second bar is added to the facemask in an effort to further prevent facial injuries.

1970s: Riddell creates an energy-absorbing, air-filled helmet.

1980s and 1990s: Polycarbonate alloy helmets and full-caged steel facemasks make the helmets very durable and incredibly strong.

2000 to Present: Riddell releases the Revolution helmet, which is the lightest and strongest helmet so far. This high-tech helmet is equipped with impact sensors in the helmet and chinstrap that help detect injuries.

Football Trick Shots: NFL Edition

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