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What It Looks Like To Surf an 80-Foot Wave

Are you a surfer? Try “hanging ten” on a building-sized wave. That’s just what Surfer Garrett McNamara did recently, surfing on a 78 foot wall of water, that was 12 inches taller than the previous


These Nose Buds Will Improve Your Smell By 4%

You’ve heard of 20/20 vision, but how about 20/20 smell? Scientists at the National Sense and Sensory Committee have developed Nose Buds, a revolutionary device that enhances your olfactory sense by a whopping 4 percent.

Cool Stuff

The 12 Weirdest Guinness World Records Ever

Who doesn’t love cool Guinness World Records? From the tallest human to the most expensive car to the fastest roller coaster, Guinness has been collecting epic world records for more than 60 years. Here are