Happy 4th of July!

Cookouts, family, fireworks…tell us what you did special to celebrate our nation’s independence.


  1. Because we live in a different country we got together with our American friends and had a fish fry and home made ice cream and watched movies, but because they dont have fireworks in this country we could only scrape up some sparklers.

  2. My family and I yesterday went out to brunch. Then, around like 10 pm, some people behind our house were shooting off fireworks. They weren’t that good but they were better than no fireworks. we had burgers for dinner on the grill, of course

  3. My brother and I participated in a flag ceremonyskit with our troop, Troop 303, before the fireworks at our local Suplizio Field in Grand Junction, CO.

  4. My family always has a family reunion on the 4th of july week so what we did was… um… well I guess I don’t really remember what we did all I remember was that I had a lot of fun.

  5. I was at Woodruff Scout reservation in georgia, and we did a flag retirement ceramony and fire works display, but only i, my friend, and 2 adults showed up!! i guess the rest of my troop is just lazy!!

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