New software for late arrivers

You can now let your parents, your boss, or whoever know you will be late without ever speaking to them.

The makers of “Oops I’m Late!” (a company based in Los Angeles) has found a way to do just that.

They have created a software application that uses global positioning system satellite navigation from your cell phone to determine whether you’ll make it to your appointments on time and uses e-mail or text messages to let your contacts know if you won’t.

The standard edition of “Oops I’m Late” runs for about $70 and the professional edition goes for $100.

To find out how it works and to get more information click here.


  1. Why pay 70-100 bucks when you can just use a cell-phone? This invention seems kind of pointless.

  2. What if you forget to tell the machine that you have a day off? Will it still send a text message to your boss. I’d find that very embarrassing.

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