Disney Buys Marvel

ComicsSpider-Man meets Mickey Mouse. The characters of Marvel Entertainment will have a new home in the Magic Kingdom when the Walt Disney Company purchases the comic creator for $4 billion.

Marvel Entertainment owns the rights to more than 5,000 comic characters. In addition to comics, Marvel just recently started producing its own movies. One of the first, β€œIron Man,” became a blockbuster last summer earning $100 million in its first three days.

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  1. Don’t worry spiderman won’t meet mickey mouse although there may be marvel stuff at disney word. The comics will be similar. With maybe a mickey mouse face above the price.

  2. Its sounds great there will be marvel rides, shows and anything Disney does with other movies they made they will do with marvel but I dont know if the shows or movies will be as good as they used to be beacase they might not have the same creativety.

  3. I think that it’s just a thing with money, it’s not like they are going to incorporate Mickey with Iron Man. Disney owns ABC, and you dont see mickey on there movies, its not very bad.

  4. Hey! Also that would be REALLY stink if they made “Doctor Doom’s Lab”
    or something like that.I think “Rockhopper’s Bay” is bad enough!

  5. That’s crazy and cool at the same time! Do you think Micky Mouse will get a super hero form called Spider Mouse?

  6. ya i dont think it’s gonna be the same,c’mon why would they sell out? they are the biggest comic book biz ever! WHY!WHY TO DISNEY!?!

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