Cloned Mammoth?

That’s the word from Japan. A new report says that a team of Japanese, Russian and American scientists is hoping to clone a baby woolly mammoth within the next six years.


The plan is to extract DNA from a mammoth carcass currently preserved in a Russian laboratory. The DNA will then be inserted into the egg cells of an African elephant. The hope is that this will produce a mammoth embryo.


One scientist on the team created this process by cloning a mouse from cells frozen for 16 years. The trick is to extract egg nuclei without causing damage.


  1. Thats cool, but kinda cruell to the mammoth, because those things are made for cold weather, they died out (and became smaller) because the Ice-Age ended and it got warmer, but its not too bad, it would be a great step forward in uncovering the history of our planet, I just hope they dont get any bright ideas and start cloning Dinosaurs!

  2. I hope that wooly mammoths are vegans ’cause if it works that means that in about 20 years there will be mammoths all around the world

  3. Even if this works we still can’t create life. The article said that they are going to use an african elephant’s egg cell to create the mamoth. God is still the only creator.

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