3DS Price

Curious how much a Nintendo 3DS will put you out when it hits stores March 27? Here’s the bottom line: The 3-D gaming system will cost $250.


After speculation the price might be closer to $300, Nintendo made the $250 announcement Wednesday. Thirty different games will be available for the glasses-free 3-D system.


So, if you’re scoring at home, that gives you exactly 67 days. Start saving!


  1. lol this is so cool but i wish there were more than 30 games for it. And Flame Boy they said that you don’t need glasses!!!!!

  2. This thing may not be worth it. For the 3D to work, your head must be in an exact position. And it costs more than a Wii. I wouldn’t waste my money on this.

  3. to much to much
    well mayby boys life will have a conntest for the 3DS
    oh ya and one of the 30 games is animal crossing
    i have mine in my ds lite right now

  4. 30 games? That’s just the beginning. There will be more games in no time, and they’ll get better as the game designers have more time to get accustomed to the system.

    • I believe you vent232!!!! Igonig to by myself a PSP 3000 instead. But, only if I don’t win the 3DS contest!!!!!!!!

  5. to much and what if the 3d only works on one game or the 3d makes every thing hard to see and you can’t turn the 3d off? too expensive and not worth it

    • The 3ds is not called the 3dsi it is called a 3ds and it looks nothing like the dsi it has 2 cameras on the back and one camera on the front and there is a 3d ajuster and can turn 3d off it comes in aqua blue and cosmo black I know my facts

  6. To make sure people are set straight, the Nintendo 3DS will be the successor to the Nintendo DS system. Meaning 3DS games will not be compatible with Nintendo DS, DS lite, and DSi. It will also have upgraded graphics, a 3D camera, Gyroscope, accelerometer, and more.

  7. I Don’t think I’ll bother asking my mom for this, although I think It’s worth every penny.

  8. The 3ds will be the revolution of gaming and no one should think otherwise ps. Its not the 3dsi that would be plain stupid and i do think the price should be lowered

  9. i think that it will be pritty cool and will have a hole lot of purchases i am so getting 1 i want to play the tom clancy’s splinter cell 3d ilove splinter cell games because of the stealth

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