$825,000 for rare 24-cent stamp

jenny-200x148.jpgA rare 24-cent stamp that was misprinted with a picture of an upside-down airplane has sold to a New York collector for $825,000.

The “Inverted Jenny” stamps from 1919 are some of the most sought after by collectors. They feature a picture of a World War I training aircraft, but the picture is upside down. Around 700 of the stamps were misprinted, but only 100 were put into circulation.


  1. Anyone who would spend that much money for a little piece of paper that you lick is crazy, but the seller is probably happy.

  2. I think its pretty stupid to pay that much for a peace of paper. Of course if its really worth that much, and if I had the money I would buy it and sell it for more than I bought it for.

  3. if you copied it, it wouldn’t be REAL. the whole point of these collecter’s items is to be REAL. if someone ran off 200 copies of the Mona Lisa and sold them in fancy frames for $100 dollars apiece, would you want one?

  4. I printed one of those off the web, and shrunk it down to the right size, I pasted it to an envelope and mailed it to myself with correct additional postage on the envelope. Low and behold, the the stamp was pealed off the envelope by someone in the Postal service.

  5. This is neat to see about the upside down airplane postage stamp. When the United States Postal Service printed a commemorative issue of all of the state flags of the United States, the state flag of Tennessee was printed as showing either one star over two stars or two stars over one star on the postage stamp. Was the Tennessee State Flag printed as it should be printed, or was that postage stamp a mistaken printing? Several State Flags are not easily flown correctly and sometimes are flown upside down accidently by people not knowledgeable about how to properly fly a state flag. The state flags of both Tennessee and Maryland are quite often mistaken as being flown upside down because the designs are almost symmetrical designs.

  6. Well I have one of the 100 of the collectos that for the right price I will sell……4,ooo its yours

  7. I have one of the 100 original circulated 1918 misprint 24 cent us postal stamps in mint condition. If any collectors are interested my nickname as you can tell is my email that your more than welcome to contact. Thank you. All Buyers are accepted.

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