$5 bill gets a splash of purple

5dollarbill.jpgThe $5 bill will get redesigned with a splash of purple and gray in an effort to combat counterfeiters.

The new $5 bill, which was unveiled today but won’t be released until the spring, is very similar to the already redesigned $10, $20 and $50 bills. The changes include new color, watermarks and an updated security thread.

The government wasn’t going to update the $5 bill, but reversed that decision when it was discovered the counterfeiters were bleaching $5 bills and printing fake $100 bills with the bleached paper. The new $5 bills will prevent that scam.


  1. How does putting purple and gray paint on the bills prevent bleaching? ❓ maybe when I get into more advanced chemistry I’ll know. 😀 😎

  2. hubub bubub, there is actally yellow ink on the bill and it’s
    on the back in small numbers on the right.:mrgreen:

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