Your favorite Halloween candy?

candycorn-200×148.jpgAmericans will spend $2.18 billion on candy this Halloween this year to fill the bags of their neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

To cash in on the demand, candy manufacturers are coming out with new sizes, shapes and flavors. Hershey’s Kisses now come with candy corn stripes. Three Musketeers have new flavors like strawberry and French vanilla. And Kit Kats have ghoulish designs.

So what’s your favorite Halloween candy? Are you fond of the traditional candy corn, or do you enjoy some of the more modern concoctions. Maybe you’d prefer a healthy apple or raisins?

Use the comment section below to tell us what you hope to find in your trick-or-treat bag on Halloween.


  1. I like those gumdrops. I think they’re called Dots. It seems like the only time I get to eat them is Halloween.

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