Is Amazon or Nile the longest river?

For years, the Nile River in Africa has been known as world’s longest river. But scientists in Brazil now say the Amazon River may be 65 miles longer than the Nile.

The debate over which river is longest has been going on for hundreds of years. The problem is that it’s very hard to tell where a river begins and where it ends. The Amazon is especially tricky. Since the mouth of the river is so wide, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact spot where it ends.

For now, experts want to look at the Brazilian scientist’s research more closely to see if the Amazon really is longer than the Nile.


  1. in school we were taught the nile was the longest river in the world but I did know a debate on if that was actually true was occurring hopefully scientists and researchers can soon define each river’s length and determine which one is longer

  2. THE AMAZON IS LIKE SO BIGGER THAN THE NILE [even though in school we learn the nile is the biggest river in the world]

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