What’s in an MRE?

mre-200×148.jpgWhen U.S. soldiers go to battle, they usually carry their own pre-packaged food with them.

This food, called a “Meal, Ready-to-Eat” or MRE, is designed to be portable, long-lasting and provide the nourishment and energy that soldiers need.

A typical MRE contains a main course, side dish, dessert, cracker or bread, spread, beverage powder, utensils and accesories (like chewing gum, matches or toilet paper). The food is contained in tough plastic bags that keep out air, water and rodents. Although the food can be eaten cold, each MRE contains a chemical device that can be used to heat the food to 100 degrees, just by adding water.

For 2007, soldiers can choose from 24 different MREs, including vegetable lasagna, chicken fajita, meatloaf, beef ravioli and spaghetti.

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