Watch the First ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer


We’ve all known about Star Wars: The Force Awakens for some time now. But we have seen no footage or images from the movie itself.

Until now. The trailer is finally here. And it looks incredible. We get a great first glimpse at droids, ships, villains, heroes, new environments and — of course — the Millennium Falcon.

Take a look:

Also of interest? These mysterious teases:

An Awesome New Soccer Ball Droid


I love all the droids of Star Wars universe. And this little guy is no exception. While we only see about three seconds of him, he looks adorable.

A Gang of Stormtroopers


We know that the rebels won the battle against the empire in Episode IV, so why are there still stormtroopers? Might there be a band of bad guys still clinging to the Empire?


A Stormtrooper Lost?



This actor, John Boyega, is supposedly one of the new leads of the movie. I’m assuming he is a good guy. But why would good guys be dressed as stormtroopers? Well, we’ve seen it before:



OK, that’s all for now. But trust me, there will be more Star Wars news to come.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens Dec. 18, 2015.


  1. I can’t wait! Notice how the stormtrooper guy in the desert was running from a sound that the probe droid in Episode V. Interesting. Also, I love the new lightsaber!

  2. Also another thing to consider with the stormtroopers thing, is that this new movie is called “Star Wars: The Force awakens” not “Star Wars VII: The force awakens”
    Also, the empire was defeated in episode VI (6) not IV (4)
    The Trailer looks so cool!

  3. Whoa! To me, it looks like the guy with the awesome new Lightsaber was trying to find a Christmas tree last-minute before the holidays, not trying to destroy the rebels! No, not at all:)

  4. If you remember in ep II all clones are black (not to be you know) and they sort of look like the stormtrooper from the trailer. And it is also known that after ep III the clones become stormtroopers. So mabey he is trying to find the evil guy or is rebeling against the other stormtroopers.

    Thats MY theory.

    • clones arn’t black. THey also age 10 times faster than normal humans so none of the original clones could still be alive

      • Hey, The Doctor. You’re right, the original Stormtroopers were clones of Jango Fett. However, those clones didn’t last long. It was a tedious and expensive process to create that many clones. So, the Empire began recruiting its Stormtroopers some time after The Clone Wars. That means that all of the Stormtroopers that you see in Episodes 4, 5 and 6 (and 7 for that matter) are actually recruits and not clones.

    • No he was supposed to “bring balence to the force”, and movie canon, if the light side is balanced it is. However, if the it means equal number of jedi and sith, darth sidious comes back so 1 jedi 1 sith, it might mean equaly power of the force, not equal number of jedi and sith.

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