See Who Won The Star Wars Bracket!

Well, guys, you did it. You let the dark side win. Check out the final count below.


The good news? Next month’s bracket will be Marvel characters. So get your superhero brains ready to choose your favorite Marvel hero in June.


  1. I am going to vote all goods guys for round one and Darth Vader. Thanks so much for putting this up Clay!

    • Hey, Avenger Nerd (No offence intended) if you voted for the “good guys”, than did you vote for the clone trooper or jawa? I know clones are heros, but jawas arn’t bad, just curious and a little greedy.

      • Cyber-

        For that I voted Jawa. Clones were bad from the start but Jawa never made deals with bad guys. Plus I think they are sort-of sweet in some ways. Being small and almost like Ewoks.

      • You know, you should probably be nicer, because just about anything about the Star Wars EU is going to change with Episode VII.
        But I voted for the jawa. 🙂

      • I personally think that everybody who has read the books (most of my friends who have read them have liked them) will have a ‘book universe’ and a ‘movie universe’. I’m not a big fan of George Lucas chunking out the hard work of lots of good authors.

      • hey, DSNinjaX, the movies came BEFORE the books. Don’t you know??

      • Actually if you read the stuff George Lucas made up but didn’t put in the movies you’ll find that the authors really just took his ideas and put them into writing. I’m not demeaning the writers or George Lucas but in reality your drawing battle lines where they don’t belong. both the movies coincide. Grand admiral Thrawn, Leia’s three children, The crazy Jedi (what’s his name again?) the creatures that make bubbles in the force (can’t remember their names either) ice heart, Mara Jade. They were all made by George Lucas even if they didn’t get any scenes

    • That was stupid. Putting R2-D2 against Luke Skywalker just isn’t right. Luke is the main character (I voted for him because I liked him slightly better that R2), but R2 . . .

      • Yeah, I voted for R2-D2 because Luke is just a whiny, shrill-voiced kid until Return of the Jedi in which he is okay. Overall R2-D2 is loads better than Luke.

  2. Hmm I think we should have stormt rooper Against the clone trooper!
    Also Chewbaca vs. Han would have been epic!
    Can’t wait to vote in round 2!

    Also check out my YouTube channel if you love Star Wars!
    It’s name is General Stone Star.

  3. Research has shown that R2-D2 and/or C-3PO has been (technicly may apply) owned by 4, count ’em, 4 Skywalkers. No lie! =) Yes, I’m proud of myself.

    • Just how exactly? He is a whiny, self-centered kid who only ever whines until return of the jedi and even then.

  4. Totally Darth Vader and Luke in the finals, I mean come on who likes Chewbacca. And hey where is Yoda!

  5. Darth Maul, Cad Bane, Boba Fett, General Grievous, Clone Trooper, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and Lando are my votes.

  6. I cant believe there no Anakin… he my favorite. HE SO AWESOME!!! Next you gotta like Obi-Wan, the soresu form MASTER!

  7. I hope obi-wan, darth vader, luke skywalker, r2-d2, han solo, or commander cody should win.

  8. I bet you just didn’t put in Yoda ‘cuz he’d CRUSH the competition. Overpowered, he is.

  9. I think this is cool, but in accurate due to the lack of the following characters:
    -Jengo Fett
    -Count Dooku
    -Emperor Palpatine

  10. R2-D2 Better than Darth Maul? Han better than Grievous? Darth Vader better than Chewie?

    Are people insane?

  11. i am just going to vote for the best person like han solo against bobba fet han solo is so better and clone troopers are bad in starwars in the movies 4+5+6 but they are good in the movies 2 and half of 3.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got u

  12. The voting for the final four is messed up – it says “R2-D2 or Luke Skywalker”, not “Han Solo or Luke Skywalker”.

  13. Boy’s life I have a question: It says it’s Han Solo vs Luke Skywalker but when I go to vote it still says to vote for R2-D2 or Luke Skywalker but it says to vote for Darth Vader or Ben Kenobi. So who won; R2-D2 or Luke Skywalker?

  14. Clay, you can’t vote for Han Solo because the voting names are wrong: it still says its R2- D2 vs Luke Skywalker.

  15. Clay the one about chewbacca and darth and the one about gredo and lando have the persents mixed up


  16. It would be so funny if Luke and Darth Vader were the top 2! LOL!

  17. I have a great idea (if you ever see this, because of all the comments) why after a TON of brackets, you put the winners in a bracket, and see who’s the favorite charecter out of that. Just a thought.

  18. Hurray for the empire on this glorious day! Unfortunately the Avengers will ruin our fun. #EMPIRE!

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