The World’s Silliest and Craziest Animals

A few months back we asked you all to come up with the wackiest made-up animals that you could think of. And believe us, you guys came up with some really cool ones. Everything from ten-legged lions to laser-shooting giraffes.

After narrowing down the entries to the best three, we sent the animal ideas to our best illustrator, and he created the animals based on your winning descriptions. Take a look at the illustrations and descriptions below:

First Place: Bryan
Animal Name: Spidricken
Description: A strange hybrid between a chicken and an arachnid. It has six pointy legs, feathers, wings, eight eyes & fangs, and of course a beak. It tends to be found in cornfields. When not eating large bugs and vegetables, the Spidricken makes a living fighting crime.


Second Place: Patrick
Animal Name: Hornograe
Description: This three-legged animal has a feathered tail, wings of a dragon, the head and beak of a duck and curled horns like a ram. It has bright green eyes, like a cat and its wings are full of scales. It’s an herbivore.


Third Place: Daniel
Animal Name: Ice Ox
Description: This behemoth has two blue horns on its icy blue head. Its blue body is strong enough to pull a minvan. The ice ox can shoot ice from its mouth, and plow through anything.


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