The World’s Largest Ice Cave

In Salzberg, Austria, just under the surface of Hochkogel Mountain, is the largest known ice cave in the world, stretching 26 miles into the heart of the mountain.

A mile of the cave is open to the public, and about 200,000 visitors flock to Eisriesenwelt each year. The lucky visitors get to see frosted formations, icy spires, frozen tunnels and frozen waterfalls. Some of the sights have been frozen in time for hundreds of years. Check out some cool pics of the cave below.


  1. Amazing! In the first picture how would the water freeze fast enough for it to be like that? I mean think about it… it looks like one of those pics from inside of a wave! it wold have to freeze like instantly!

    • Or maybe it froze and then some time later, water flowed through there and made a hole in the middle.
      Did the Boy’s Life staff take a trip to this cave to take the pictures?

      • Hey Timten,

        Unfortunately we didn’t get to make a trip to the cave, but it would surely be lots of fun. We instead used a few famous photos of the cave.

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