Take a Look at the Coolest Panoramic Photo Ever

Get ready to be amazed.

The following photo is a single image of downtown Tokyo, Japan. It took two days to shoot, and four months to edit. The result is an interactive panorama that’s 600,000 pixels wide, and would measure more than 150 feet high if it were printed out.

It’s completely scannable and zoomable and, more than anything, it’s tons of fun. So, go ahead explore the image below. You never know what you may find. Let us know in the comments section if you find something cool.

[boyslife_iframe h=400 w=600 url=http://360gigapixels.com/tokyo-tower-panorama-photo/embed.html]


  1. This is the most amazing thing ever!!! Can you find the lady with the green purse? or The dark Blue mo-ped? or an easier one, the men constructing the green building?

  2. If you zoom in very closely until you can’t zoom in anymore and make a person with your fingers, you can make the person walk around on the screen, climb the buildings, and jump across the towers. Sooner than later, you’ll find out: the more faraway you go, the bigger you get. Then, once you get far enough, you can pretend your a giant, and… (Note from What: Sometimes, Wise Guy gets a little bit TOO wise.) http://headsup.boyslife.org/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif

      • I’ll have to tell you the hole story. What? and I trace back for years, since we were 6. The one day, What? was like, “Danny( me )! I have to tell you this super coll website!!! It’s called heads’ up, from the Boys’ Life thing!!!” I went to his computer, and when I saw it, and checked things out, I was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Then, I wanted to post a comet, but I didn’t know what my nickname was going to be. I was a only child, which means I have a lot of knowledge, (What? was a last child, meaning he was full of wonder) so I came up with Wise Guy. Name Checker is the same exact person as What?, and What? 2 is also What?. Any of the What?, Wise Guy, & Name checker comets are from both of us, and WISE GUY!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ASK THAT SO MUCH!?!? is me, also. We almost always post comets together, except when I post them on my own computer, like right now. So that’s the story, to make it fair.

      • Uhhhhhh…. :0 Okay. No offense dude, but it sounds like you just made that up. Peechtival!

      • You don’t do :O, or :0, you do :o, or a : with a o (lowercase). ((Note) Wise Guy always makes his stories seem made up, even himself, so get used to it. He’s a bad storyteller. 😉 )

  3. Wowzers! Never seen anything like this! Kind of hard to navigate, though. Clay, does this use Flash? Peechtival!

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