‘Star Trek’ actor’s ashes to be launched into space

The ashes of the actor who played “Scotty” on the original “Star Trek” TV series will be launched into space on April 28.

James Doohan, who died  in 2005, played chief engineer Montgomery Scott on the show. His ashes and the remains of 200 other people have been loaded aboard a rocket that is scheduled to launch from the New Mexico desert.

Families paid around $500 each to have their loved one’s ashes blasted into space aboard the rocket.


  1. Well I hope he was a christian. I hope he wanted his ashes in space, instead of people thinking, “hm a person that was on a space show lets put him in space.”

  2. I know you’d be pretty sad to have a family member or a friend die, but it seems kind of strange to pay $500 just to get rid of the remains of someone, don’t you think?

  3. well im not so sure that is a good idea boecause the rocket might fall back down to earth releasing the ashes

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