Stadium Goes Super Green for the Super Bowl


You all know that the Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday, pitting the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks.

What you may not know is this year’s Super Bowl will be the greenest football game ever played, thanks to all-new LED lighting. University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, where the game is being played, was the first NFL stadium to be lit by LED lighting. Why is that a big deal?

I’ll let the folks over at answer:

 LED fixtures need a mere 310,000 watts of power to glow, compared to the 1.24 million watts required by the metal halide bulbs.

But power saving isn’t the only benefit to the stadium’s new energy-efficient lighting. The LED fixtures also produce nearly double the illumination of the old metal halide bulbs, and run at full intensity as soon as they’re switched on. If you remember the infamous Super Bowl blackout from a few years ago, it takes almost 20 minutes for metal halide bulbs to warm up and reach their full intensity.

Learn more about the process in the video below:


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