Scouts Share Wilderness Cooking Tips on TV


Boy Scouts are some of the best outdoor cooks in the world, creating tasty delicacies using little more than a Dutch oven, campfire and some elbow grease. In fact, learning some of the best camp-cooking techniques is as simple as opening a Boy Scout Handbook.

This morning, three Boy Scouts and a Cub Scout got to demonstrate a few foil-pack cooking techniques taken from the new 13th-edition Handbook in a segment on Fox & Friends this morning. Watch the full segment at this link.

Foil Cooking #HandbookHacks

The Boy Scout Handbook is packed with useful skills every young person should know. To highlight some of those skills, which we call #HandbookHacks, the BSA has shared some “snack-size” videos. Check out following foil cooking below:

Courtesy of Bryan on Scouting.

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