Scouts in Inaugural Parade

germantownWhen the new President of the United States takes office on Tuesday, Boy Scout troop 358 out of Germantown, Pa., will be a part of the festivities. Troop 358 was one of more than 1,400 troops to apply to ride in the inaugural parade.

In it’s 54-year history, troop 358 has produced 52 Eagles Scouts, with four more currently drawing close. As part of the inauguration’s parade, the Scouts will wear their official uniforms while riding on an official float.

Once their application was accepted last month, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a feature on the Scouts from Germantown.

Click here to read the Inquirer’s feature.


  1. They were the ONLY Boy Scouts selected to be in the parade. We’re their neighbors just a few miles away and although our troop was a bit jealous we were SO proud of them. I got to see them march by and they looked SHARP! All of the BSA should be proud of our Philadelphia brothers in Scouting.

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