Iraqi Scouts Are Back

iraqscoutOriginally formed in 1954 and silenced during the reign of former President Saddam Hussein, the voices of the Iraqi Boy Scouts are rising once again. The new Iraqi Scouts have been meeting for seven months now.

Technology has allowed these young men to talk with their American counterparts back in Texas and Georgia through a video conference. Nearly 100 Scouts in all three areas talked about camping, fishing, their favorite music and more. It’s also easy to forget the Iraqis are living through a war. “What’s it like being in a war zone?” a Georgia Scout asked. “We fear the war and because of the American forces we have improved the security situation over here. I’m really pleased to meet you,” said a 17-year old Iraqi Scout.

The Scouts participated in a parade in Fallujah, the first of its kind since 2002. Like most American parades, the Iraqis had the usual fire engines, ambulances, the Iraqi Army and police. Not to mention the Boy Scouts.


  1. Thanks to our men and women of the armed forces who have helped to make Iraqi Scouts a reality instead of a memory!

  2. Scouting is a great, character-building, skill-enhancing program, and it’s wonderful that it is being revived in Iraq. As a wife and mother of Eagle Scouts, I am particularly happy to hear this news.

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