Portable PlayStation

Get ready for more 3G gaming. Sony announced Thursday that it is creating a new PlayStation with cell and Wi-Fi chips, a 5-inch touch-screen and a second analog stick. This new system should be in stores late this year. This PlayStation will also include front and rear cameras, a microphone and sensors for detecting location and motion. The release date, price and official name have not been revealed.


“Call of Duty,” “Uncharted,” “LittleBigPlanet” and “Wipeout” will all be available for this new system. Games will come on memory cards, with some available through direct download.


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  1. wonder if this has anything to do with copying Nintendo,I mean really 3ds? well anyways i dont care so i guess ill check it out

    • It may look cool in the pictures, but in actual, it looks just like a dsi. But don’t just take my word for it. Look for the demo at stores like target.

    • What are the play station games like? I hope they’re not all first-person shooter games.

      • No, there’s also a mario-type game called little big planet and a mariokart-like game called modnation.

  2. This sounds totally awesome. I hope they get pricing on it soon. I am going to save over the summer to pay for my new NGP. I can’t wait.

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