Overly friendly ATM machine

Authorities in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, are investigating the case of the overly friendly ATM.

The machine at the Eagle’s Truck Stop was giving out twenties instead of fives. After overhearing people talking about the excess payments, the manager at the truck stop pulled the plug on the machine. But by the next day it had been plugged back in and was continuing to cough up extra money.

Authorities put the total loss at $7,000, but believe they may be able to get some of the money back. The machine keeps records of who withdraws money.

The sheriff thinks the ATM may have been rigged and said there could be charges against those who got more than they should have.


  1. Haha…. Overly friendly ATM machines. I would be rich. Well, my Mom and Dad would tell them of the ATM if it happend over where I live.

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