Non-sticky chewing gum

British scientists have invented a new type of chewing gum that isn’t sticky.

The gum, called Clean Gum, can easily be removed from sidewalks, shoes, hair, clothes and skin. And it degrades naturally in water, so it might be better for the environment.

Researchers compared Clean Gum with normal gum by sticking them both to a city sidewalk. Normal gum stayed stuck to the pavement most of the time, while Clean Gum was removed within 24 hours by natural events like rain or foot traffic.

The company that is developing Clean Gum hopes to have it on the market in 2008.


  1. Probably would, Da Boss. However, since only part of saliva is water, it probably wouldn’t dissolve very fast. 🙂 I wonder is they’ll come out with “Clean bubble gum”? 😛 That would be nice for when someone blows a big bubble, then it pops all over their face. Then it would be easy to clean off. 8) 😀

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