Enter the Heads Up NFL Head-to-Head Challenge, Week 4


The NFL season is finally here. To celebrate, I’m introducing the Heads Up NFL Head-to-Head Challenge.

Each week of the NFL season you’ll get the chance to pick which teams you think will win. Once each week’s games are over, I’ll sift through the entries and find out who guessed best. Winners will receive some great prizes, including books, games, toys, sports gear and more.

Enter your picks below by 8 p.m. Eastern on Sept. 18, and you’ll be entered to win some great prizes. I’ll copy my picks in, too. So, if you’re unsure about a certain matchup, check out my commentary in the fields below.


Week Four

Week Three

Congratulations to William!

Week Two Winner

Congratulations to Chuck!

Week One Winner

This was a close call, with lots of ties among entries. So, I randomly selected a winner among the tied participants. Congratulations to Marcus.



  1. I know that this is kind of premature, but I can’t wait ’till the Superbowl. I like the parties, commercials, nachos, and, most importantly, the competition! Go 49ers!

  2. Clay, you can’t vote for the Rams or Buccaneers because it says to vote for the Patriots or Dolphins in the voting box.

  3. Hey Clay, I thought that we were gonna get an Avengers/GotG theme. That was supposed to happen right after the Star Wars theme. Any updates on that?

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