National Teacher Day

Today is the day to recognize the 3.5 million teachers in our nation. The National Education Association and its members are encouraging individuals from coast-to-coast to say “thank you”.

Across the country, people will show their appreciation by organizing teacher appreciation breakfasts, surprising teachers with tokens of appreciation and hosting teacher recruitment activities and events.

National Teacher Day began through the leadership and persistence of Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1953, she persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim May 7th as National Teacher Day. With further lobbying by NEA in the 1980s, National Teacher Day was officially proclaimed and is celebrated each year on the Tuesday of the first full week in May.

To read more about National Teacher Day click here.

Whether it was an apple, some flowers, or a class present, tell us below how you have shown your teachers that they are appreciated.


  1. Ouch! Now I have to give something to my Mom for Mother’s Day, her Birthday, and National Teacher Day in one month!!! (I’m homeschooled)

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