Lost Parrot Talks Way Home

parrot.jpgPolice rescued a parrot from a roof two weeks ago near Tokyo, Japan. The parrot didn’t say much to the law enforcement officers, but it couldn’t stop talking once passed on to a veterinarian.

“I’m Mr. Yosuke Nakamura,” the parrot reportedly told the vet. Yosuke also provided his home address down to the street number and sang songs to entertain the hospital staff. Once the address was checked, officials found a Nakamura family indeed lived there.

The Nakamura’s had been teaching their parrot its name and address for two years. It paid off, and the bird was returned home.

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  1. It must have taken alot of dedication and hard work to teach the parrot it’s way home, and other things like those songs, but I wonder why it seemed to refuse polive officers?

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