Lost N.C. Scouts found; How you can be, too

Eight Boy Scouts and their leaders from the Occoneechee Council in North Carolina who got lost while camping have been found.

The group had gotten off a trail and decided to set up camp for another night so they could wait for daylight rather than trying to walk out in the dark.

Search and rescue crews and firefighters scoured a five-square-mile area overnight. A fresh search team of 15 to 30 people with tracking dogs went out after dawn on Monday to continue the search in the heavily wooded area.

A person in the lost group was finally able to get cell phone service Monday morning to call for help.

Donna Johnston of the Boy Scouts’ Occoneechee Council said that everyone “is fine,” and they are now “out of the woods.”

Click here to read tips on what you should do if you ever find yourself lost in the woods.


  1. Sound like they weren’t very lost to me! ❗ How long were they lost? ❓ Why didn’t the guy with the cellphone have service until monday??????? 😐 😕 I could go on forever! 🙄 😉 😀 😆

  2. We’ve been to the Smokies many times and one thing that is stressed by the park rangers is to not leave the trails. It is very easy to get lost very quickly. Even experienced outdoorsmen can get lost. I’ve read many stories of how people have left the trail in that area and are never seen again. I’m glad they were found.

  3. Were the Scouts hungry and hurt 😕 ❓ It’s happy they’re found 🙂 😀 😆

    I would have cried if I was 1 of them. 😥 🙁 NOT!!!!!!!!!! (Did I fool you?) 🙄 😆

  4. i was in the boy scout for 5 years and i have gone on many wilderness trips and it is very is easy to get lost so always be (PREPARED) thats my motto. i am glad the the troop was found!

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