Here’s a Few of the Most Delicious Mix-and-Match Hybrid Foods


The cross-breeding of two entirely different species of foods is called Hybridization. It may sound wacky, but the results can be delicious. Here are some of the coolest combinations.


Pluot: Plums plus apricots makes something super sweet. These fruits look like they have been squished into a funny spherical shape. Colors vary between light pinkish-orange to deep purple. Pluots were only invented 25 years ago, but are now easy to find nationwide.


Blood Orange: It looks like a regular orange on the outside, but cut it in half and get ready for a surprising bright red color. It doesn’t look like blood, exactly, but it is dramatic. To get the flesh to turn red, blood oranges are exposed to cold during the growing process.


Brussel Kale/Kalettes: Who thought up with the idea of combining two of the weirdest-tasting vegetables together? No one knows for sure, but this is nutty and sweet creation is already a big hit. See if you agree … if you can find it. This one is a rare find at most supermarkets.


Tangelo: Tangerine plus grapefruit, so you get the bigger size, but a sweet juicy taste. Plus, they are super easy to peel. These guys are easy to spot, too — think bright orange with what looks like an outie belly button.


Broccoflower: Mix broccoli and cauliflower and you get a vegetable that tastes better than either one. The almost glowing green color is pretty cool too.


Pineberry: Cut these small berries that look like an albino strawberry and you’ll smell pineapple. The seeds are red, the fruit is white. Delicious all around.

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