Last WWI Vet

The last American to serve in World War I has died at the age of 110. Frank Buckles reached the rank of corporal while driving an ambulance in Europe during the war. Afterward, he served as a ship’s officer on merchant vessels.

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  1. There goes the last of an era. What was never said is hereby forever left unsaid. What wisdom and knowledge that his generation could be passed on to the younger generations is hereby forever lost. Hopefully, our generations can be almost as resourceful as his generation. Someone who lived to be 110 years old has lived in the United States from before automobiles were built using assembly lines (and every automobile was a custom designed and built vehicle) to humans landing on the surface of the moon to the building of satellite telephones. It is already too late, but here is a “Thank you, corporal, for your service in the United States Armed Services to keep our stateside homefront safe. To quote George M. Cohan’s song, “Over there, Over there……the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming……..and we won’t come back until it is over———over there.”

  2. For someone who has lived to be 110 years old (from 1901 to 2011), here is a person who has lived for part of his life in a world where the Boy Scouts of America organization and merit badge program was just a concept and not a thriving organization. The Boy Scouts of America organization celebrated being 100 years old in 2010. He lived in the United States before the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. If there were people who were about 70 years old or 80 years old in his hometown when he was in grammar school (about fifth grade) when he was about 12 years old, he probably met and spoke with actual living veterans from the American Civil War (the War Between the States) that took place between 1858 and 1865). (moment of silence). Here was a veteran of the United States of America who served in the Armed Services to fight in a “war to end all wars”. It is amazing to know that after earning his honorable discharge, this person has received the pension of a corporal’s service related paygrade in the United States Armed Services for 94 years (from 1918 to 2011).

  3. if he is dead he well be livin just like he was in ww1. thank you for makin our country the best country in the world thank and god bless america.

  4. p.s.for keeping the country the super powers of the world and i also want to thank england for being our allie in ww1 and ww2.

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