What In the World Is This Thing? (UPDATED!)

(Update: Experts have established that the mystery creature is a badly decomposed shark. According to number of world famous shark experts, the carcass is likely that of a thresher shark. The reason it looks so mysterious is due to its state of decomposition. As for the horns? Those are likely its jaws, that would normally be covered with skin. So, the bottom line is: not a dragon!)


Ever since the remains of this creepy unidentified creature were discovered in Cuevas, Spain earlier this week, officials have been very confused.

At 13-feet-long, the sea creature first appeared to have horns on its head, although later examination revealed them to be merely out-of-place cartilage.

For now, experts are just guessing at what the creature may be. So we’ll just have to wait to see if anymore answers come. As for me, I’m still crossing my fingers that it’s a dragon.

For more on the mysterious creature, click here.

Take a look for yourself. Any guesses?




    • Maybe its Morpheel the boss from the water temple in The Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess

      (LOL Just kidding ;D)

    • I know right. I heard (Sorry if I spelled that wrong.) that they don’t have enough money to work on it and find out WHAT it is. Well in that that case, I guess that the Locklness (Again sorry about the spelling.) is dead. 🙂

    • no it could have maybe it was alive recently and died and no 1 knew about i and if they did they kept it a secret

    • There is no evidence that all the dinosaurs died. I believe that dinosaurs are still down in the depths of the sea. only 5% of the sea has been explored, there’s still 95% of the sea to be explored. So its ether a really big fish or its a DINOSAUR!!!

      • I think they just do not want to admit it is a real dino or dragon beacause it would kill evoulution

      • plus if u go to the link they gave and watch the video they admitted that they have never explored this area of the ocean so prove it is a shark and not a dragon or dino.

      • true true percy jackson but there but what about that other percentage and plus there were dinos that lived in water but often came up for air like the pleaseosaurus sorry i cant spell it rite but it goes long those lines

      • I might be wrong on the percentage because I saw it on a documentary about a year ago so this year it might be 7% or 8%

  1. Where are you guys seeing pictures of its face? Also, will Boys Life post again if more information is found out?

  2. I think it’s a government plot, so I think they know but like with aliens, they don’t tell. But if I had to say, i’d say Ancient water beast. In the meantime don’t go swimming in the sea.

    • A SLUG!!!!!! So that looks like a really, really, really, big slug to you. It has a tail. Slugs sort of don’t have tails.

  3. i once read a book about south carolina sea creatures what happened was.some tiny sea weasels* fell into a thing of plant growth and turned giant. that could have happened. *ps you can by sea weasels at the store.

  4. OK, everyone. Sorry to disappoint, but the experts have an answer to the mystery… It’s a shark! A terribly decomposed and almost unrecognizable shark.

    • Thanks! I looked up pictures of a Thresher shark, and it does look sort of like a decomposed Thresher shark.

    • i have a question then if they said they cant afford to see what it is then how do they comehow magicly know what it is after they say they will not look into seeing what it is please awnser id really like 2 no and to me it doesnt look like a thresher shark

      • The country couldn’t afford to pay to have the creature examined. But, several American and European experts agreed to examine for free. Their conclusion was that the body was that of a shark. Most likely a thresher shark. Again, it’s SO badly decomposed that there isn’t much resemblance. The way that the experts can tell is based on factors like its teeth, fins, skin, muscle structure … etc.

      • The cartilage isn’t stretched out. It’s poking out of the shark’s decomposed skin.

  5. okay what is it with the world and photoshopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  7. Awwwwww man, a Thresher shark…….. Oh well, I didn’t want to think it was a dragon. That would change History Textbooks forever!!!!! Oh, and GLaDOs, nice comment on Morpheel, I was thinking the same thing.

  8. Its definitely not a thresher shark because sharks do not have bones just cartilage, and in the pictures those look like bones.

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