Honda’s Hydrogen Car

Production of the Honda FCX Clarity began Monday. This is Honda’s fuel cell car, which converts compressed hydrogen gas into water. That process releases electricity to power the car.

The Clarity releases only water vapor as exhaust. It will get the equivalent of 79 miles to the gallon in city driving.

Don’t run to the dealership just yet, though. Honda plans on producing only 200 over the next three years. Those that make it to the United States will be leased in California only.

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  1. If they would have continued development back in the 50’s we would have been driving them by now. If anyone believes the big oil companies will let this happen,watch gas prices fall when development actually gets serious……then guess what???

  2. This technology’s been here for 50 years.The oil cartels do not want it happen yet.Just make some research on google for a water car by Mayer who made it and the others just shut him down…..

  3. We have this car and simply put – it’s amazing. The Clarity is one size fit’s all – all features and options included. The ‘sport’ mode is fun, the touch screen responsive, fueling easy – we have 3 stations within 3 miles. 3 year lease.

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