His name can’t be 4real

A New Zealand couple have been told they can’t name their baby son “4real,” because names with numerals aren’t allowed in the island nation.

The parents are appealing the decision, but it made us wonder: What’s the most unusual name that you’ve ever heard?

If you have a good one, leave a comment and tell us about it.


  1. There is a writer for the New York Times named Jennifer 8. Lee. I’ve always wondered what the “8” stood for.

  2. 4real is a crazy name but they ought to be allowed to name him (it) that they have every right to appeal the law to get what they want but then again 1 might say that it’s just simply not allowed

  3. One time a person came on a business trip to where my dad works and his name sounded like Dang You! LOL

  4. in holland there is a common last name which transalates to born naked and another time parents whose last name was christmas named their daughter mary!

  5. I heard of a baby boy whose name was Caleb Luke. Now, when you try to say that, it sounds like Kayla Bluke, so you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.

  6. I feel sorry for the baby that has to be named “4real”. It seems silly that anyone would want to name their kid that. It just doesn’t make sense!

  7. I guess they can name there son whatever they want but the guy could change his name if he wanted to when he reached the legal age but he might think it is cool and

    keep the name he might become a celeb or something!!

  8. My oppinion is that if you wanted to name your something as crazy as 4real, you’re insane. Ha ha, that reminds me of a joke: A women was about to have twins, but she went unconcience (I think I spelled it wrong) And her husband wasn’t around; So they had to ask her brother to name them both. When she finally came to and was told what happend, knowing that her brother had A.D.D. She asked, “What did he name the girl?” “Denice” was the reply. “Oh that’s a nice name. what about the boy?” “Denephew!” 🙂

  9. in 1984 in texas a girl named rhoshandiatellynesiaunneveshenkkoyaanisquatsiuth williams was born. three weeks later her dad made her name 1,063 letters long.

    in sweden a judge fined a couple $600 for naming their son brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnckssqlbbiiii6. now they call him albin.

    according to official records people with these last names have lived in the u.s:peskey,dull,boring,nasty,creep,worm,virus,chicken,turkey,failure,ugly,snot,money,elevators, and others including the numbers through 1-12.

    info from “weird but true” by:janet goldenberg

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