5 Cub Scout Adventures That Would Be Perfect for the Ducks of Migration

A still of the ducks from the movie Migration
Courtesy of Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

Migration, the new animated movie from the creators of Despicable Me and the studio that brought you The Super Marios Bros Movie, is about a family of ducks that attempts a sometimes dangerous, sometimes fun, always exciting flight to Jamaica for winter.

Along the way, they encounter threatening predators, make new friends and learn all about what it means to be brave.

Here are five Cub Scout Adventures that would be perfect for these wacky ducks.

Fur, Feathers and Ferns

This Bear required Adventure has Cub Scouts looking for signs of mammals during a 1-mile hike.

Migration begins at a pond that would be a great place to earn this Adventure.

Mack is the father of a family of mallards that lives on a pond where they have all they need to survive. “Why would we need to migrate anywhere?” thinks Mack. This is pretty accurate to real-life mallards, who might not migrate if they have all they need right where they are.

Mack’s wife, Pam, and son, Dax, feel differently, and soon the family, along with youngest child Gwen, convince Mack that they should hit the sky for some adventure.

Call of the Wild

This Wolf required Adventure has Cub Scouts planning for possible changes in the weather that could happen during an outdoor activity.

Early on in the movie, the migrating mallards encounter an unexpected change in the weather, and let’s just say they aren’t exactly prepared for what happens next.

Courtesy of Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

Bear Necessities

This Bear required Adventure has Cub Scouts participate in an outdoor activity or overnight campout with their den or pack.

To earn this Adventure, Cub Scouts must learn what to take with them on an outdoor activity.

When birds migrate, it really is like going on one long campout. The difference is, they already have everything they need to be safe.

For example, while Cub Scouts use a map and compass to find their way around, birds get their sense of direction from the position of the sun in the sky and from landmarks they might recognize from previous migrations.

At one point in Migration, the family takes a wrong turn and boy, does that ever lead to some unexpected excitement!

Family Stories

This Tiger elective Adventure has Cub Scouts learning about their family’s history.

Though it contains a lot of excitement and funny jokes, Migration is really a movie about family.

The family of ducks in the movie might remind you of your own family. They get into arguments, they laugh, then they get into more arguments, then eventually they laugh again.

In the end, they learn that it’s their family that’s the most important thing of all.

Courtesy of Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

A Scout is Brave

OK, technically this isn’t a Cub Scout Adventure. It’s part of the Scout Law. But it perfectly summarizes Migration.

In the beginning, Mack is definitely not brave. But as the movie goes on, he and his family learn to embrace life’s adventures as they make new friends and travel to new places.

A mallard is brave, for sure!

Is Migration a good movie?

Migration is a fun movie for kids who like stories about families that stick together no matter what.

Though it’s a tiny bit frightening at times, it’s never outright scary. Even some of the predators the family encounters turn out to be not that bad after all.

Migration is rated PG. It flies into theaters on Dec. 22, 2023.

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