First Everest Climber Dies

Sir Edmund Hillary trudged to the top of the world’s tallest peak — Mount Everest — along with Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay on May 29, 1953. Hillary was the first to reach Everest’s summit, and he passed away Friday in his native New Zealand at the age of 88.

Everest rests on the Asian border between Nepal and Tibet. It stands an astounding 29,035 feet tall, and those who tried to reach the summit prior to Hillary had either failed or perished.

As a child, Hillary was tall, gangly and uncoordinated, but he discovered he possessed great strength and endurance. In addition to scaling Everest, he also took expeditions to the North and South Poles.

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  1. I was very grateful for your article on Sir Edmund Hillary, in the March issue. However, I was very disappointed and offended at the caption to the picture where you referred to Tenzing Norgay as his guide. Hillary viewed Norgay as more than a guide and more as a climbing parter. To suggest that he was just a guide is an insult to his memory. I was also astounded by the fact that you said that Hillary was the first to reach the summit of Everest. The two men had an agreement that if they reached the top, they would not tell anyone who got there first. To suggest that one reached the summit before the other is insulting to the memories of both of these amazing mountaineers. Please make sure you get your facts straight before you write an article such as this again.


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