Earth’s Axis Tilted?

NASA scientists say the massive earthquake that shook Chile last week may have tilted our planet’s axis by 3 inches. This new tilt will actually shorten our days by 1.26 microseconds. A microsecond is one-millionth of a second.

Natural disasters have tilted Earth before. In 2004, a 9.1-magnitude earthquake that caused a monstrous tsunami in the Indian Ocean shortened the length of our days by 6.8 microseconds.


  1. What does he mean the tilt shortened our days? Also why should i care about 1.26 microseconds? Just saying

  2. Cool in a million years a day will dissapear! But since the world hasn’t seen a million years yet, I don’t think it will.

  3. …In a way it’s terrifying, but in another way, it’s frightening…what’s a better word?

  4. This doesn’t mean the earth is near the end, but a shift of less than 1/1000th of a degree formed the sahara desert.

  5. That’s cool. Oh, and BTW Nin*gorin, the Earth is 4.6 billion (or million, I can’t remember which) old.

    • Hey, chessmaster, you forgot that not everybody thinks the earth is that old. People who believe a God created the world (like me) think that it’s about 8000 years old.

  6. it is only 1.26 microseconds. it probably won’t effect our lives our human mind can’t calculate that extremely short measurement of time, unless there is a planet-wide quake to, make some big change of time.

  7. like they say it’s so short you probaly can’t even think of that number in that time frame.

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