Disc-Less PlayStation Portable

GoPSPSony unveiled this week a new PlayStation Portable called “Go.” This new version doesn’t need Universal Media Discs. Instead, just purchase and download games at Sony’s online PlayStation Store.

Look for the new PSP Go to hit stores in October. Cost will be $250.

Click here for more details.


  1. That is awesome. It looks just like the Sony Mylo 2 that came out in 2007. The Mylo was like the I pod touch but Sony style with a keyboard. The Mylo 2 could also download games through the internet and didn’t use disks. It cost $300.

  2. Sweet! I am totally gunna get that. It looks so small though making the controls difficult. Since it uses no disc, hopefully they will put all the original psp games on the Playstation Network.
    Have fun with that Sony!

  3. That will be so cool! No more buying game systerms so you can buy games to play on them! 🙂

  4. good but there arent any good games on tha playstation store i checked. it is a ripoff. do not buy it

  5. that psp looks pretty awesome, but the cost is sort of extreme. but i would be glad to buy it someday

  6. is there some mechanism that lets you take the memory off the UMDs and be able to play them on the Go?

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