Dancing Robot

What looks like a ball wedged between 2 halves of an egg? The answer: A Japanese robot that twists and rolls to music from an iPod.

Using an intricate dance based on complex mathematics, the robots about spontaneously instead of following preprogrammed motions. The Miuro robot can wheel about in time with music from the iPod player.

At a demonstration in Tokyo, the 11-pound Miuro pivoted about on a stage in time to beats of a pop music track played through its speakers. The dance wasn’t preprogrammed, but generated by the robot itself.

Scientists believe the technology used with Miuro could lead to robots capable of spontaneous motion. Miuro uses algorithms, or mathematical rules, to analyze music and translate the beats into dances.

The makers aim to create a new form of life that moves freely and spontaneously in ways human beings can’t predict. Perhaps its the first step towards an ultimate virtual pet.


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