Colossal Squid Thawing

squid.jpgThe biggest squid ever captured has begun thawing. This “colossal squid” — or Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni — was caught near Antarctica in Feb. 2007. It weighed 1,091 pounds, and has been frozen in a New Zealand lab since its discovery.

Only six colossal squids have ever been caught. Once this specimen is slowly thawed in a saltwater bath, it will be studied to learn more about the mysterious creature. Scientists want to learn more about the creature’s habits and if even bigger squids are lurking in our oceans’ darkest depths.

Click here for a Web cam of the thawing squid.


  1. The squid is dead. The freeze it to perseve the animal long enough to study it. here is no way to capture that animal and keep it alive. If i was a scientist working with that thing alive i would be pretty freaked out!

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