Check Out This Weird and Wacky Gear

Field Candy tents, shown above, are funky, A-frame designs (starting at $455) that will stand out among the crowd. You can even create your own customized text on select designs to make your tent even more creative.


Easy-to-transport kayaks made a big splash at this year’s show. Point65’s modular kayak designs (styles and prices vary) feature snap-in-place parts that let you build the boat you need. Put it together and enjoy a day on the water; break it apart and easily stow the boat in your car’s trunk for the drive home. (Point65 makes a snap-and-go standup paddleboard, too.)


Oru Kayak features several boat designs (starting at $1,275 for the Bay, shown above) that fold down to form a 26-pound box. Unfold, hop in and the waterproof boat is as agile in the water as its competitors.


Solar chargers are becoming a must-have item for well-prepared outdoor adventurers. Now you can be prepared to charge your devices on the trail without worrying about adding lots of extra weight to your pack. YOLK Solar Paper is a lightweight, super thin solar charger that has gained the Kickstarter backing of more than 5,000 individuals and raised $830,000.


Have you ever curled up at an evening campfire with your sleeping bag wrapped around your shoulders? Recreate that snuggly feeling anywhere you wish with the Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho ($129.95; available starting January 2016). This blanket-slash-sweater comes with a hood, front pouch and a down-filled quilted design.


You’ve heard of robotic vacuums, right? Well this is a Roomba-inspired cleaner for your home grill. The Grill Bot ($129.95) is a battery-powered, programmable device that uses wire bristles to scrub the leftover gunk from your grill.

– Gretchen Sparling

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  1. Woah $445 for a four man a-Frame tent? That is insane!!! You would have to be like really really rich to even be able to use it.

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