Brand New Images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens


It’s been more than a month since we’ve gotten any fresh Star Wars news, but that changed today when the folks at Lucasfilm dropped some brand-new images from Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens. While we still know next to nothing about the plot of The Force Awakens, it’s nice to get some cool images. Take a look below:

Rey and Finn On the Run


We still know so little about The Force Awakens that it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going on here. What I’m fairly sure of: Finn (right) and Rey (left) are the good guys in this movie.

Kylo Ren Strikes a Pose


Kylo Ren is undoubtedly the lead baddie in The Force Awakens. Whether he’s a Sith Lord, or some kind of wannabe Jedi, I’m not sure. We do know that the bad guys in this movie call themselves the First Order. Kylo Ren may not be the First Order’s ultimate boss, but it looks like he will be the one causing the most havoc for the good guys.

Captain Phasma: Ready for Battle


Consider Captain Phasma to be Kylo Ren’s No. 2. Phasma’s totally unique chrome armor is a first in any Star Wars movie, and my gut tells me this warrior will be one of the toughest villains in Star Wars history.

Rey frees BB-8


Based on the trailers, I think we can assume that BB-8 is going to be Rey’s trusty sidekick. Much like R2-D2 was Luke’s loyal companion in the Original Trilogy, I think we will see these two spending lots of time together. By the way, that rhino-looking creature is called a Luggabeast. Cool name, right?

Finn and the Crashed TIE Fighter


This is Finn surveying the wreckage of a downed TIE Fighter. Is it his TIE Fighter? I think so. Despite seeing Finn in that Stormtrooper costume, I still think he will be one of the good guys of The Force Awakens. How is a Stormtrooper a good guy? We will have to wait to find out.

General Hux Aboard a Star Destroyer


Much like Tarkin in the Original Trilogy, I think General Hux will be the head military commander of the First Order. He’s got that menacing stare down perfectly.

Pilot Poe Dameron Reporting For Duty


Poe Dameron is another good guy in The Force Awakens. We already know that he’s a top pilot. Plus, he’s wearing the classic orange Rebel Flight Suit. I’m getting a bit of a Han Solo vibe from him, and I think he will end up being one of Rey and Finn’s allies.


  1. These Look SWEET! Just praying that Disney and rookie director J.J. Abrams don’t hurt Star Wars with a terrible movie. These pictures are ‘A New Hope’.

  2. For it is said that those who claim to be fans of Star Wars, deep in their hearts, has a hatred only they can truly fathom for Star Wars movies. I’m sorry, Is this supposed to be a dis or a come-on?

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